Agarbatti: An English Definition

red joss sticks in metal censer

Agarbatti in English Definition:

Agarbatti is an Indian-English word which means incense.

Incense is a fragrant, typically natural material often consisting of plant resins, oils, and herbs. The material is then burned to release it’s fragrance.

Incense is used in a wide variety of ways, and does not strictly correlate to religion, although it has a long history of use in those regards. In addition to it’s inherent spiritual components, incense is also used to negate bad smells and get rid of annoying insects.

Agarbatti Synonyms

Incense Stick, Agarbathi, Dhoop, Fragrance Sticks, Masala Sticks, Joss Stick, Senko Sticks, and Simpoi Sticks.

Agarbatti Definition From

in·cense 2
 (ĭn′sĕns′)n.1. a. An aromatic substance, such as wood or a gum, that is burned to produce a pleasant odor.
b. The smoke or odor produced by the burning of such a substance.
2. A pleasant smell.
tr.v. in·censed, in·cens·ing, in·cens·es 1. To perfume with incense.
2. To burn incense to (a deity, for example) as a ritual offering.

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