Aravinda Sugandha Shringar Incense Review

burning incense sticks

Today I am going to be reviewing Aravinda Sugandha Shringar incense sticks.

These incense sticks are made by Aravinda Parimala Works, in Mysore, India. They are a small export company which has apparently been shipping this incense since 1963. Since then, they proceeded to win several awards and were able to grow their company to what it is today.

As for the name of this incense, ‘sugandha’ simply means fragrance, but the word is also sometimes used to describe incense. I wasn’t aware of what ‘shringar’ meant, but apparently it means adornment.


Anyways, these incense sticks are dark in color and clearly have a charcoal base. I’m not usually a fan of incense with a charcoal base, as outside of a few exceptions, they are usually a lower-grade dipped variety.

These incense sticks may not seem particularly well-made, but they do burn rather nicely. The scent seems to consist of sandalwood, with some additional floral notes.

Anyways, for what it is, it’s a decent incense stick. If you’re on a budget and see these around, I doubt you’ll hate them. They have a pleasant enough aroma. Personally though, I’d rather burn something a little higher quality.

I hope you found this information beneficial.

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