Awaji Baikundo Hydrangea Tea Incense Review

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Today I am reviewing Awaji Baikundo Hydrangea Tea incense sticks.

I received this incense stick in an assortment pack of 15 sticks from different incense manufacturers. This seems to have been a collaboration between the various incense producers.

Hydrangea tea has historical significance in Buddhist culture. It is said that “amacha”, also known as hydrangea tea, was one of Buddha’s favorites. The tea is often used in ceremonies relating to Buddha’s birthday.

Hydrangea tea incense is one of Awaji Baikundo’s specialties.

Main Ingredients: Hydrangea Tea
Length: 5.5″
Burn Time: Approximately 30 minutes. 
Company: Awaji Baikundo


This is a very nice incense formulation. It’s scent is sweet and floral. It smells a bit similar to jasmine, but earthier. It’s also perhaps a bit more subtle then jasmine, but it’s still reasonably fragrant. It doesn’t seem cloying or overpowering. The fragrance strength seems just right to me.

The stick seemed a bit fragile. I burn Japanese incense sticks pretty often, so I am aware that they can break easily. I actually broke this one in half, despite attempting to be gentle with it.

That aside, this is lovely and I now see why Awaji Baikundo incorporates hydrangea tea in quite a few of their incense formulations.

I’m actually sad to see this incense stick burned away.

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