Baieido Jinkou Kobunboku Incense Review (Low Smoke)

baieido jinkou kobunboku low smoke incense sticks

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Today I am reviewing Baieido Jinkou Kobunboku incense sticks.

Brand: Baeieido

Model: Jinkou Kobunboku Incense Review (Low Smoke)

Main Fragrance Note: Spicy Aloeswood/Sandalwood

These Baieido Jinkou Kobunboku incense sticks are considered *low-smoke*. This means that they are formulated with a higher quantity of charcoal and burn at a hotter temperature. This is what causes it to produce less smoke then other comparable incense sticks.

The packaging and presentation of this incense is beautiful considering the low-price of these incense sticks.


The scent is of a aloeswood and sandalwood blend, with some slight traces of your typical Japanese incense. Possibly camphor, clove, cinnamon, etc. It seems to have some floral component going on in the background. It also smells slightly acrid at times.

Sounds lovely, right? But the scent is to light. It does not permeate at all and lacks depth. You can tell just by looking at these incense sticks that they contain a lot of charcoal, and probably not much plant material.

Not my favorite incense sticks, but for the price, I guess they aren’t to bad for a low-smoke variety. I probably wouldn’t burn these all of the time though.

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