Banana Island – Krui, Sumatra Agarwood Chip Review

Banana Island - Krui, Sumatra Agarwood Chips

Today I am reviewing Banana Island – Krui, Sumatra Agarwood chips.

These were received from JK Delapp of Rising Phoenix Perfumes.

Origin: Banana Island – Krui, Sumatra
Class: Wild
Species: Hirta / Candan

The region of the world where these agarwood chips are harvested is a popular surfing, snorkeling, and tourism location. There are no cars on the small 149-hectare island – just motorcycles and bicycles. The forest where these chips were harvested is located in Western Sumatra.


I heated these agarwood chips on a subitism incense burner.

These chips appear to have a reasonable resin content which bubbles out of the wood when heated.

A primarily earthy oudh fragrance, with melted honey, chicory notes, and perhaps a bit of malt. These smell less like a damp forest then some other chips I have sampled from the area. Unique and enjoyable.

Have you tried agarwood chips from Krui, Sumatra?

Let us know what you thought about them in the comment section below!

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