Bangladeshi Premium Biodynamic Agarwood Chips Review

Bangladeshi Premium Biodynamic Agarwood Chips

Today I am reviewing Bangladeshi Premium Biodynamic agarwood chips.

These were received from JK Delapp of Rising Phoenix Perfumes.

Origin: Outskirts of Sylhet, Bangladesh
Class: Biodynamic
Species: Agallocha


I burned these on a subitism incense burner under relatively low heat.

These open up with some berry notes, accompanied by a slightly sweet, light oudh scent. However, soon into the burn, it seems to develop some sort of acrid top-note. Any reasonable amount of heat literally lights these chips up like sawdust, leaving behind a fine ash, without much of a penetrating fragrance.

The real issue with these chips are that they really only have resin on the outer layer of the chip.

The resin does not penetrate the wood at all.

While I have gotten to sample some other products from Rising Pheonix Perfumes which I have enjoyed quite a bit, sadly, I was not impressed with these Bangladeshi Biodynamic agarwood chips. JK Delapp states that these pack a punch similar to their wild counterpart, but I’m really not seeing that. To be honest, I have had much better cultivated agarwood chips, which cost far less.

It’s interesting, because he is actually charging more for these cultivated chips then he is for some other wild-sourced agarwood chips, some of which I have tried and are better then these cultivated Bangladeshi chips.

Have you tried Bangladeshi Premium Biodynamic Agarwood Chips?

Let us know what you thought about them in the comment section below!

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