History of Frankincense: An Ancient Remedy

frankincense resin

Frankincense also known as “olibanum” is a dried resin produced from the frankincense tree. When the bark of the tree is stripped, the sap called as the tears are collected and utilized for many purposes. In the ancient world, it was well-liked and used for aromatherapy and perfumery. Frankincense was also used religiously as well […]

How to Use Incense Sticks to Keep Away Mosquitoes

incense sticks to keep mosquitoes away

Mosquitoes can be a real nuisance in many regions of the world. Traditional methods for keeping insects away often involved strong scents and plant oils. One method involved individuals rubbing oils, crushed leaves, or similar products onto their body. The strong scents are offensive to mosquitoes and would often result in them gravitating towards easier […]

Incense Sticks Versus Incense Cones

incense sticks vs cones

Most people consider incense sticks and cones to be equivalent in nature, but there are several subtle differences between these time-honored iterations. Additionally, many incense manufacturers often only craft their highest quality incense in the form of sticks. This is due to how they are crafted. Incense sticks are usually hand-rolled from a paste or […]

Ten Virtues of Koh

the ten virtues of koh

Ten Virtues of Koh In the fifteen century, Japanese monks transcribed a document relating to koh (incense) which described it’s many qualities and benefits. This document was called the ‘Ten Virtues of Koh’ and continues to inspire many incense aficionados in the modern age. The Ten Virtues of Koh: It brings communication with the transcendent. […]

Incense Quotes Around the World

Incense Quotes

Incense Quotes from Around the World Incense has been cherished by many different kinds of people around the world and throughout time. Often times different regions will use incense in different ways and may therefor have unique views on the topic. Such people include Rumi, Prem Prakesh, Tommy Hilfiger, David Bowie, The Bible, Zicheng Hong, […]

Website is Officially Open

Website is Officially Open

Website is Officially Open | Announcement This is the official announcement stating that our new website, Reed’s Handmade Incense, is functional and ready for business. Our handcrafted line, as well as other additional products will be added to the website shortly. Although not everything is available yet, if you’d like anything in stock, you are […]

Styles and Types of Incense Sticks

Different styles of incense sticks

Styles and Types of Incense Sticks The history and tradition of incense is a long and complex one. Many different societies and cultures each had their own rendition and style of producing incense sticks. Regions such as India, Japan, China, and Tibet have held their own unique and profound influences upon such traditions. In the […]