Meaning of the Root Chakra Symbol

Muladhara Chakra Symbol

The ancient symbol for the root chakra is known as the Muladhara in Sanskrit. It is always colored red, because this is the color of vitality and awakening.

In Hindu lore it states that Shiva, who is the deity of both destruction and regeneration, as well as the “Master of Animals”, holds power over the root chakra.

Animal Symbolism

The Muladhara, or the root chakra, has always been considered a symbol of strength and wisdom. In Hindu traditions, the elephant has always been considered to share these attributes of strength and wisdom.

There are also not many animals which are harder to move, as it’s heavy feet are like roots, digging into the ground.

The serpent is another animal to be commonly associated with the root chakra. Many cultures have revered the snake and perceived the animal to have some sort of hidden wisdom. Hindu lore was no different, as the symbol of the root chakra depicts a serpent coiled upon itself three and a half times. This is sometimes thought to be symbolic of the past, present, and future, with the half coil representing time itself.

Root Chakra Symbol
The Root Chakra

Symbology in the Muladhara Design

The other two symbols in the Muladhara design are the lotus flower and the inverted triangle. The image of the root chakra is surrounded by four red lotus petals, which are thought to represent the mind, intellect, conciousness, and the ego.

The upside down triangle symbolizes how inner knowledge can help one realize wisdom and spiritual awakening.

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