Opalite vs Opal, Which One is Natural?


Opal is a beautiful gemstone which often reflects a translucent rainbow of colors. Although many people know that one is natural and one is a synthetic derivative, many people get confused between opalite vs opal and might wonder, or even forget, which is which.

Opal is the natural version of this gemstone. It is much more expensive then the synthetic derivative and many believe it to showcase a wider variety of colors and beauty.

Opalite is the synthetic derivative and is man-made. Although it is not found in nature, it is much cheaper in price and due to it being man-made, it is not to hard to find near perfect stones, with minimal inclusions. The term opalite can also be used to refer to Bertrandite or Tiffany stone.

Unfortunately, opalite is sometimes sold as opal, at the opal price. If you are purchasing opal, it is important to check and make sure that you are receiving real opal, rather then the synthetic derivative.

Another one to watch out for is green opalite, which is also known as opalite cat’s eye. Green opalite is a very different gemstone, and is natural in composition, but it is not a true opal and looks much different.

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