White Jade: Meaning, Properties and Powers

white jade and rabbit bracelet

White jade is a variety of nephrite which consists primarily of tremolite, and is not considered to be true jade. This type of nephrite can span from a white to a cream color, but can sometimes have inconsistencies in the color pattern as well.

It’s important to note that while all white jade consists of tremolite, not all tremolite is white. Some varieties can also be yellow, blue, or even black in color. If it is yellow in color, it is often referred to as “Mutton Fat Jade”. If it is cream or light brown in color, it is often referred to as “Chicken Bone Jade”.

This mineral is commonly used to craft jewelry, such as pendants, necklaces, or bracelets, but is also used for carving statues, figurines, and other art forms as well.

Spiritual Properties of White Jade

White jade has been used since ancient times and holds a deep cultural significance in many regions of the world.

Many people consider the mineral to be lucky and say that carrying it around with you will help bring you success in various aspects of life. Some people say that wearing white jade can strengthen the connection you have with friends or lovers. Others say that it can help you feel more confident while making important decisions.

Other attributes include a calming and peaceful nature.

Regardless of it’s metaphysical properties, white jade is a very aesthetic mineral, and most people consider it to be quite beautiful.

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