How to Burn Sandalwood Chips

Indian Sandalwood

Sandalwood has many unique aromatic properties. It has a sweet, woody, creamy, buttery fragrance which is unlike any other.

Unfortunately, with global demand growing, the cost of quality sandalwood has risen in recent times.

It’s also often hard to obtain, as a lot of it is bought out by incense manufacturers.

Anyways, many people are wondering how to burn their sandalwood chips in a conservative cost-effective manner.

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Mysore Sandalwood Bead Scraps

The best way to burn sandalwood chips is to use a modern wood chip heater. They use mesh plates and a heating element. Sometimes these are battery-powered and sometimes they use charcoal. These are very efficient and will help your supply of sandalwood chips last a longer time. You can also use these for kneaded incense, and sometimes resin incense, depending on the wood chip heater.

We feel this is the best option, but you also use other methods, such as using a fire-proof plate, and a candle as an indirect heat source.

Hope you found this information beneficial!

This article was updated on 07/31/2020.

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