How to Use Incense Sticks to Keep Away Mosquitoes

incense sticks to keep mosquitoes away

Mosquitoes can be a real nuisance in many regions of the world. Traditional methods for keeping insects away often involved strong scents and plant oils. One method involved individuals rubbing oils, crushed leaves, or similar products onto their body. The strong scents are offensive to mosquitoes and would often result in them gravitating towards easier targets.

Another common method was to use smoke. It has long been known that mosquitoes and other insects tend to keep away from high heat, presumably due to the danger involved. This may be another reason why tobacco use became so popular in older societies. The combined scent and smoke works quite effectively to ward off bothersome pests and bugs.

Despite the effectiveness of these older methods, the incense stick provides a much more pleasant way to achieve the same effects. In addition, specific scents such as citronella, peppermint, or lavender are known to be particularly effective. We recommend using these scents when battling with bugs.

They also make thicker incense sticks designed specifically for outdoor purposes. These are often citronella based incense sticks which, due to their increased size, often burn for several hours. These are great for any outdoors activity including camping, hiking, or fishing and provide a way to enjoy the outdoors without waking up the next morning all itchy from bug bites.

Another benefit of using incense sticks to ward off mosquitoes is that you can avoid applying synthetic chemicals and poisons to your skin. They also do not kill insects and instead simply encourage them to fly away to a different location. In today’s more health-conscious world, many more people are beginning to appreciate this natural alternative.

This article was updated on 07/31/2020.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does incense keep other bugs away?

Yes, incense can help keep away many types of bugs. Citronella and lavender are great scents to keep quite a lot of bugs away and many flying insects will stay away from smoke.

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