Incense Sticks Versus Incense Cones

incense sticks vs cones

Most people consider incense sticks and cones to be equivalent in nature, but there are several subtle differences between these time-honored iterations.

Additionally, many incense manufacturers often only craft their highest quality incense in the form of sticks. This is due to how they are crafted. Incense sticks are usually hand-rolled from a paste or mix of resins, herbs, or other materials. This allows just about any herbal ingredient to be added.

However, when making a cone, they have to be pressed and have to be of a specific consistency in order to be properly formed.

There are other key differences of which we will discuss below:

  • The shape is one of the key differences between these two versions. While an incense stick is longer and more even in thickness, the incense cone is cone-shaped with an uneven temper as it journeys downwards. This difference is important because due to this, the incense stick not only burns for a longer time, but it disperses an even amount of smoke throughout the process. The incense cone burns quicker but puts out much more fragrance at once.
  • The burning time is another key difference. A typical incense stick often burns for about 45 minutes while an incense cone often burns for about 20 minutes.
  • Incense stick recipes often contain higher quantities of resinous ingredients within their formulations then their counterpart incense cones.
  • Storage is another key difference. Many people find that due to the different formulations, that the scent of their incense sticks often last longer in proper storage conditions.

This article was updated on 07/31/2020.

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