Laxmi Dhoop Ingredients

Laxmi Dhoop Incense

Laxmi Dhoop incense is manufactured by the Mysore Sughandi Dhoop Factory. They are located in Bangalore, India. Bangalore is a region of India with a long history in aromatic industries.

Laxmi Dhoop is typically of a higher quality then comparable dhoop incense, but it can be smokier then some other styles of incense. It is cylinder-shaped, dark brown to black in color, and feels similar to play-doh. It is very well scented and I believe most people would enjoy the product. It’s definitely a one-of-a-king incense.

But what are the ingredients in Laxmi Dhoop incense?

Unfortunately, the exact ingredient list is proprietary and kept a secret. The manufacturer, Mysore Sughandi Dhoop Factory, only mention that:

“A world of exotic ingredients goes into the making of our agarbattis – sandalwood, flowers, traditional Indian Herbs, perfumes and spices of all kinds.”

However, I do know that the scent is comprised primarily of gum benzoin, bergamot and lavender.

So, even if you can’t find the exact ingredient list, this should give you an idea of what laxmi’s dhoop incense smells like. The manufacturer states that this product is ‘best for summer use’.

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This article was updated on 07/31/2020.

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