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The Best Smelling Incense Fragrances For Relaxation

A cup of green tea with honey. That exotic roasted scent of coffee. A arm [...]

What Does Incense Smell Like?

Many people who haven’t burned incense before or are simply new to the practice often [...]

Does Incense Expire?

Something I am commonly asked is ‘does incense expire’? The truth is that incense does [...]


How to Light an Incense Stick

I am quite sure that most of you know how to light an incense stick. [...]

8 Reasons Why People Burn Incense

Since the times of Ancient Egypt, incense has proven to be a popular religious tool. [...]

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The History of Incense

The history of incense dates back to as early as the ancient times. People held [...]

How to Burn Rope Incense

Rope incense is a traditional form of incense most popular in regions such as Nepal [...]

How To Burn Myrrh Resin

Myrrh resin is most commonly known through the tale of the Three Kings from the [...]

The Meaning of Incense Sticks

The word incense is derived from the Latin word ‘incendere’, which means literally ‘to burn’. [...]

How To Pronounce Nag Champa

Nag champa is a classic Indian incense scent comprised of sandalwood and champa flower. Due [...]