Will burning incense set off a smoke or fire alarm?

will incense set off a smoke or fire alarm


The short answer: The short answer is that, sure, sometimes an incense stick may set off a sensitive smoke alarm, but many of the modern smoke and fire alarms don’t have this same problem.

The long answer: Incense sticks are lit with fire and therefor create smoke. This leads to them possibly setting off smoke alarms. I know many of us have experienced unfortunate situations when we were teenagers where our incense sticks would set off the smoke alarm, leaving our parents disgruntled.

Not only that, but it would often result in families simply leaving the batteries out of their smoke or fire alarms due to convenience. This is an obvious risk. Fortunately incense sticks don’t necessarily set off modern smoke detectors. Although this used to be more common with older smoke detectors due to their extreme sensitivity, more modern detectors are more able to distinguish between light smoke and dangerous situations. So, nowadays incense sticks are often compatible with smoke or fire alarms.

Not all smoke detectors are made to the same variances. In addition to that, some incense sticks are known to create more smoke then others due to varying ingredients. So keep this in mind when trying new smoke alarms or incense sticks

If you are adverse to using incense due to the possibility of setting off your smoke alarm, consider an aroma lamp or oil diffuser.

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