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The History of Agarwood in Japan

Agarwood is a fragrant, resin-dense wood which is formed when Aquilaria trees become infected with [...]

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The Meaning & Beenfits of Dragons Blood Resin

Dragon's blood incense is a variety of incense which incorporates a bright red resin known [...]

The Meaning & Benefits of Coconut Incense

Coconut incense is a popular fragrance and has cultural significance in many regions of the [...]

Can You Bring Incense on a Plane?

A question I am sometimes asked is whether or not you can bring incense on [...]

Discovering Jin Guan Yin Tea

Jin Guan Yin Tea, also known as Golden Guanyin, is a rather new varietal of [...]

The Meaning & Benefits of Black Cherry Incense

Black cherries are a very popular fruit throughout the world, so it should be no [...]

The Benefits of Burning White Sage

White sage (Salvia apiana) has a long history within many North and South American cultures [...]

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The History of Cedarwood Incense

Most of you are probably familiar with the cedar tree. The tall, imperial-looking specimen with [...]