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The Meaning & Benefits of Coconut Incense

Coconut incense is a popular fragrance and has cultural significance in many regions of the [...]

The Meaning & Benefits of Black Cherry Incense

Black cherries are a very popular fruit throughout the world, so it should be no [...]

The History & Symbology of the Blue Lotus Flower

The blue lotus flower (nymphaea caerulea) has held a deep lore in many cultures and [...]

What Does Sandalwood Smell Like?

Sandalwood is an aromatic wood which has a very deep history in South Asia, particularly [...]

Kynam Agarwood in the Modern Market

In all my years of woodworking, kynam continues to be the type of word that [...]

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Is Palo Santo Endangered?

Lately I have heard quite a few people inquire about palo santo smudge sticks and [...]

Real vs. Fake Palo Santo

The smell of palo santo has been considered sacred since ancient times in places such [...]


Palo Santo vs. White Sage

When many people think of palo santo, they often think of white sage as well. [...]

The Meaning & Benefits of Basil Incense

When people hear basil, most of them probably think of the common cooking herb often [...]

The Art and Tradition of Makko Incense Powder

Makko is technically just a generic Japanese word for 'incense powder'. [...]