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Hi guys, my name is Samantha Adams and I’m going to write a review on Gonesh incense. I’m sure many of you have seen this brand of incense at retail locations such as Spencer’s or other niche gift stores. The company has been around for quite a long time and is known to have a good reputation.

Anyways, I bought a variety pack of Gonesh incense off a leading online marketplace along with some other incense sticks, and to be honest, I like the Gonesh ones more then the other ones I ordered.

The Gonesh incense comes in an interesting package with images of Hindu deities placed upon the front side. The scents I received included: Coconut, Jasmine, Lavender, Orchard and Vines, Sandalwood, Spring mist, and a few others. The fragrance selection seemed nice and diverse to me.


Upon opening the package of Gonesh incense, I did smell a bouquet of something, but a lot of the these incense sticks smell about the same. Perhaps it is because they were packaged together, but it’s hard to discern many of them apart before burning them. They all smell as though something is burning, but there is a similarity which I cannot pinpoint.

Upon burning the Gonesh incense sticks, I noticed that you definitely can tell the different fragrances apart, but they must have the same base composition. I’d also say that they probably use some synthetic fragrances, because even though they smelled good enough, some of the fruit ones smelled a little different then their natural counterparts.


I like Gonesh incense and I’ve burned them before. They are a decent name brand, but on the lower quality spectrum compared to some other imported incense sticks. That being said, they are also low cost and economical.

I would recommend them if you are looking for a decent budget incense stick which is available at retail store locations. They are much better then the cheap stuff you might find at a lot of other locations, but fail in comparison to more expensive varieties. They are a budget incense.

Hope you enjoyed my review!

Samantha Adams

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    Ming Yi Sung says:

    I saw a lot of good review about Gonesh lavender incense so had high expectations about it. I purchased them and was excited to enjoy it but two minutes after burning the stick, I started having headaches. The smell is not natural at all; it smells more like perfume than anything else. This will be perfect for someone who like perfume but this is definitely not a good incense for a person like me who is sensitive to perfume smell.

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