Green Tree Holy Smoke Incense Review

Green Tree Holy Smoke Incense Sticks

These Holy Smoke incense sticks are made by the popular candle and incense manufacturer known as the Green Tree Candle Company.

These come in a quality cardboard box with Native American symbology adorned throughout it. The side of the box slides out. Inside the box, the incense sticks are packaged within a cardboard paper bag. A feather is attached to the bag with a sticker.

As these are named ‘Holy Smoke’ I would have expected these to, correspondingly, smell like palo santo wood. According to what I have read online, the fragrance profile of this incense stick consists primarily of frankincense, copal, and lavender.

The upfront smell of this incense stick appears to be lavender. You can smell some fragrance of the resins there, but they are not overpowering by any means. They are definitely a bit far in the background. To be honest, I wish the resin aspect was a bit stronger. But the lavender upfront scent is quite nice as well.

Definitely no palo santo, as I was expecting, but overall the incense is very enjoyable. I was burning these around somebody else and they liked them as well.

Considering the low price of these incense sticks, I would consider them a bargain, but they won’t knock your socks off like some of the higher-end incense varieties.

Have you tried Green Tree Holy Smoke incense sticks?

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