India Temple Incense Sticks Review

india temple incense sticks

India Temple incense sticks are wildly popular and massively sold throughout the world. These are made by ‘Song of India’ which is a subsidiary of R. Expo. They also come in a variety of sizes.

Well, let’s delve in.

India Temple Incense Packaging

The packaging is primarily yellow in color. It is also covered in various Hindu deities. The artwork is lovely and I would love to have these images on a tapestry, painting, or some other artwork.

The Packaging Says:

The front says:
Song of India India Temple Incense
‘Smells Just Like Temples in India’
‘Create a pleasant atmosphere of HOLY TEMPLE at home’
The back says:
A very fine fragrance that matches and blends into human sense of scents. You may not even realize that incense is burning. When you enter the room – it’s like HEAVEN.’
Perfect for Meditation
An Effective Room Deodorizer
Prepared with Natural Perfume Oils
Emits less smoke then most other incenses

India Temple Review

Upon opening the incense, I realized these are not masala styled incense sticks, but are instead seem to be a impregnated charcoal variant. This is where they compound the perfume into charcoal before using semi-automatic machinery to roll an incense stick with the impregnated material.

As for the smell, these incense sticks smell very close to bananas to me. I am not kidding. When I smelled this incense, before even burning it, I was able to smell bananas. After lighting it, also bananas. Yet, the interesting thing is, sometimes other people who I’ve burnt this around often seem to disagree with me. There is also some underlying wood fragrance of some sort, and a moderately strong floral component in it’s fragrance profile. It also smells a little sweet.

Overall, I would score these a 5/10. I know these are extremely popular, and many people love them, but for me, it simply smells to floral and fruity. Although, all being fair, I should mention that I generally like deeper, more earthy aromas. That aside, these are still relatively cheap charcoal based incense sticks. Taking the price into account, I might up these another point, to a 6/10.

I hope you found this information beneficial.

Thomas Reed

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