Jabou Archangel Mikael (Prosperity) Incense Review

Archangel Incense Sticks

These Archangel Mikael incense sticks are made in Canada by a company called Jabou. It has beautiful packaging and the overall theme seems to be faith-based. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from these.

The incense sticks themselves are a strange red color and appear to have some real plant material in them. This is generally a good sign. However, I wasn’t particularly impressed with the smell of these.


They smell a bit earthy, and they produce a lot of smoke. More so then most other incense sticks which I have burned and the smoke seemed a bit harsh.

I honestly didn’t like the fragrance very much and the smoke led me to putting this out far before it was done burning. I’m not really sure what they were going for here.

Maybe I got a bad batch. I am not sure. I expected it to have more of a scent. It mostly smelled like smoke.

If you’ve tried this incense before, please comment below and let me know your thoughts on it, because I didn’t particularly enjoy this one.

One thought on “Jabou Archangel Mikael (Prosperity) Incense Review

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    Elaine says:

    I was curious what the incense is made of which give off the scent not so pleasant therefore I tried to google it and was brought to your page. I bought it in Singapore a pack of 20 for S$18.

    Yeah, the smell is not fantastic, producing lots of smoke but it does bring me more sales :/ When i need some boost in sales I would lit it, but not for the fragrant.

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