Nippon Kodo Tranquility Incense Review

Nippon Kodo Meikoh Shibayama incense sticks

Today I am reviewing Nippon Kodo Tranquility (Meikoh Shibayama) incense sticks.

These are low-smoke incense sticks and are formulated to smell like sandalwood and flowers, a pretty popular incense fragrance.

Origin: Japan
Fragrance: Sandalwood and flowers.
Burn time: Approximately 30 minutes.


These smell similar to the description, in that these smell like sandalwood and flowers, just a little sweet, but yet the scent is clearly coming from an oil rather then genuine sandalwood. It almost smells like a fine perfume.

These honestly smell pretty good. The fragrance seemed a little light at first but seemed to build up as the incense stick burned. A little sweet but they definitely are not cloying or offensive to the olfactory senses in any way.

I’m not usually a fan of low-smoke incense sticks but I enjoyed burning these. They smell close to similar competing products. Next time I might burn 2 sticks at once and see how it goes, as I can often get a better sense for low-smoke incense when burning 2 sticks, rather then one.

Have you tried Nippon Kodo Meikoh Shibayama incense sticks?

Let us know what you thought about them in the comment section below!

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