Nitiraj Chandra Incense Review

Nitiraj Chandra Incense Sticks

I received this pack Nitiraj Chandra incense sticks from one of my distributors as a free sample.

The Nitiraj incense company has been around since 1979 and are most well-known for their traditional Indian nag champa incense sticks.

This particular pack is called Chandra, and is a part of their ‘Masterpiece Collection’.

The box says that these are natural incense sticks.

The box says:

Inspired by Chandra, The Moon, we offer up this light airy fragrance under her serene gaze.


This smells very nice and I am thankful that I was sent these.

To my nose, the scent seems to be comprised primarily of sandalwood, honey, and something very floral. It has a light, airy sort of quality. It has a sweetness from the honey, but to me, the aroma is not cloying or anything like that.

These also seem to burn for almost an hour. I assume the honey has something to do with the extended burn time.

Overall, this is a very nice incense stick and I would love to burn this again.

Have you tried Nitiraj Chandra incense sticks?

Let us know what you thought about them in the comment section!

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