In this section of our blog, you can read reviews on incense and other aromatic products.

Kyukyodo Chitose (Thousand Years) Incense Review

Chitose is one of Kyukyodo’s popular incense blends. It supposedly consists of Old Mountain sandalwood, [...]

Kyukyodo Maigoromo (Dancing Gown) Incense Review

Brand: Kyukyodo Model: Maigoromo (Dancing Gown) This is another incense stick from Kyukyodo’s famous sampler [...]

Gyokushodo Hana no Sho (Bloom) Incense Review

Brand: Gyokushodo Model: Hana no Sho (Bloom) Ingredients: Tabu bark powder, activated carbon powder, Sandalwood, [...]

Kyukyodo Shinnyo (Truth) Incense Review

I received Kyukyodo Shinnyo incense sticks as part of a Kyukyodo incense assortment. Brand: Kyukyodo [...]

Mandala Arts & Incense Nag Champa Incense Review

Mandala Arts & Incense Company are based in Nepal and they produce Tibetan-styled incense sticks. [...]

Seikado Spring Glory Incense Review

Brand: Seikado Model: Spring Glory So, I picked up this ‘Memories of Japan’ incense stick [...]

Baieido Jinkou Kobunboku Incense Review (Low Smoke)

Today I am reviewing Baieido Jinkou Kobunboku incense sticks. [...]

Kyukyodo Sho ran Koh (Laughing Orchid) Incense Review

Today I will be reviewing Kyukyodo’s Sho ran Koh incense sticks. These are interesting to [...]

Gyokushodo En no Sho (Circle) Incense Review

Incense: En no Sho (Circle) Company: Gyokushodo Main Ingredients: Kyara, Aloeswood, Sandalwood, Camphor, Musk, and [...]

Gyokushodo Kumo no Sho (Clouds) Incense Review

Incense: Kumo no Sho (Clouds) Company: Gyokushodo Main Ingredients: Aloeswood, Sandalwood, Clove, Cinnamon, Camphor, Musk, [...]