Seikado Meika Kyara Incense Review

Seikado Meika Kyara Incense Sticks

Seikado Meika Kyara incense sticks are another blend from Seikado’s premium incense line.

Main Ingredients: Aloeswood and others.
Length: Approximately 6.5″
Burn Time: Approximately 35 minutes.
Company: Seikado

Before I begin my review, I would like to preface it by stating that this is a quality product. My critique is not intended to insinuate this isn’t a quality product, because it certainly is a quality product.


I wasn’t particularly impressed with this kyara incense formulation. While I do smell some extremely high-grade aloeswood in the blend, I am not picking up the depth and complexity of true kyara. I would argue that either there isn’t very much kyara in this incense stick, or perhaps simply a high-grade aloeswood, rather then kyara.

Although, that is simply my opinion. Kyara is a bit of a personal interpretation of quality wood. Some people may consider some agarwood to be kyara, while others may disagree.

I feel the strength of this incense formulation simply isn’t strong enough for a kyara based incense. This sort of incense costs a premium after all.

Other then that, there are some musky tones and I believe a bit of camphor, unless there is something else emulating that quality. Probably some spices.

Have you tried Seikado Meika Kyara incense sticks?

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