Is Tea Mentioned in the Bible?

The Holy Bible

People often ask me whether or not tea is mentioned in the Bible.

To get to the point, tea is not mentioned in the Bible, or at least not traditional tea.

There are cases of herbal medicine appearing in the Bible, utilizing herbs such as the olive leaf or pomegranate, but in the tea world, but even if they would be given as a herbal beverage, it would be considered a tisane, or herbal tea, rather than a true ‘tea’.

True tea certainly existed around that time period, but it was growing in China, while the Bible took place primarily in the Middle East. During those times, global trade wasn’t quite like it is today.

Is it a Sin to Drink Tea?

I am not aware of any Christian practice where tea would be forbidden.

I believe most Christians drinking tea to be more than acceptable.

However, if you’re concerned, you could always discuss it with your local pastor.

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