Blue Pearl Nag Champa Incense Review

Blue Pearl Nag Champa Incense Sticks

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Today I am reviewing Blue Pearl nag champa incense sticks.

These are a pretty well-known brand of nag champa incense sticks and they have been in business for quite a while.

One thing I found weird is that there is a note on the inside of the packaging that they place sandalwood powder inside the bag to help preserve the quality. There does seem to be some on the incense sticks, but only a few specs in the bag, which is a little weird considering that they mention burning the sandalwood powder separately on charcoal.


The scent is definitely nag champa. At first I thought it was a little harsh, but a couple minutes after lighting it, it began to exude a fine oil sandalwood, floral and resin notes. The floral note seems to strengthen as the burn continues, while the wood aroma settles in the background.

It is only slightly sweet and I don’t find it cloying by any means.

Overall, these are very enjoyable incense sticks. They may cost a little bit more then some other comparative nag champa incense sticks, but these do seem very natural and they didn’t give me a headache or anything like that.

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