Can You Bring Incense on a Plane?


A question I am sometimes asked is whether or not you can bring incense on a plane.

Many people purchase incense while traveling to other countries and they often wish to bring it back to their home country.

The good news is that incense is allowed on most domestic flights, and many international flights too, but I would always recommended that you call ahead and ask if you are allowed to bring incense on your flight, to ensure that it won’t be a problem.

The Fragrance

Another point to consider is the potential impact on fellow passengers, as some incense has a strong, persistent scent that can be bothersome or cause allergic reactions to some passengers.

While it’s typically packed in sealed packaging, if the scent is too strong, it could be a problem.

Proper Storage

If you do decide to travel with incense and it’s permitted by your specific airline, make sure to pack it properly. Place it in a sealed container to prevent damage and contain the scent.

If you’re carrying it in your checked baggage, cushioning it with clothes can prevent breakage.


Remember, incense is flammable. While it’s not considered a major risk since it requires an open flame to ignite, airlines often take precautions when it comes to potentially flammable items.

In case of doubt, contact your airline for further information.

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