Coley and Gill Cotton Fresh Incense Sticks Review

burning incense sticks

These Coley and Gill cotton fresh incense sticks are sold by a UK company known as Poundland.

The company Coley & Gill are actually owned by Poundland, as the PO Box number for both companies co-align.

The packaging looks quite nice and has incense sticks, as well as a traditional wooden ash-catcher styled incense burner.

The incense sticks are machine made and look uniform in appearance.

This is to be expected as they are bargain incense sticks sold for a cheap price.

Truth is, almost all incense sticks made nowadays for the commercial market are semi-machine made as making incense sticks purely by hand is a laborsome and time-intensive process.

My impression of these incense sticks is that although they aren’t to bad for freshening up a room from negative odors, they lack that tranquil feel that most people expect from incense. Although, I think Coley & Gill make this quite clear from the scent name, ‘Cotton Fresh’.

They seem to derive most of their fragrance from a fragrance oil blend. The stick smells very nice when you take it out of the package, but as with most cheap fragrance blends, once you start burning it, it degrades. The smell isn’t offensive, and is sort of nice. Maybe somebody with a less seasoned nose would like these more, but they aren’t something I would normally burn.

Rather then using a true masala base, they seem to use one which is comprised mostly of sawdust. The issue with this is that instead of contributing to the overall scent profile of the incense stick, the burning sawdust usually smells like, well, burning sawdust.

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