Dhuni Incense: What Happened To Them?

incense smoke

Dhuni incense is an old incense distributor founded by a man called Piers.

The name Dhuni meant ‘sacred hearth’, which referred to a type of fireplace which Indian holy men often sit around and give offerings to the world.

In 2010, on one of his many trips to India, he stumbled upon an incense manufacturer which he believed was a step above the rest. He had the idea to market this incense in the UK and began to sell it there.

In 2011 he put out a press release which you can still read here. He later supplied some incense samples to ORS (Olfactory Rescue Service), which is a now defunct incense review website. They were eventually put into their incense ‘Hall of Fame’.

In 2013, the brand is said to have been passed onto Happy Hari, who is no longer with us.

The old Dhuni website used to be dhuni.co.uk, but it is no longer active.

If you’re interested in viewing their old website, you can view a cached copy on achive.org from 2013, but obviously, you won’t be able to order from it.

Some of the company history from the archive page:

Dhuni incense has been an intense labor of love from start to finish. As long term travelers to India we spent years scouring the heartland for incenses of all types, always coming close but never truly discovering something we felt was the real deal, an incense that would capture the very essence of a long tradition, now almost extinct in India. Finally, one unlikely day, the Eureka moment arrived. Sitting on a non descript street sipping chai we smelt the first waft of an incense that seemed too good to be true: woody, utterly pure and natural, a magical near mystical blend of oils, ground resins, fragrant botanicals and more. Instantly, we set about finding the origin and the rest…. is history.

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