Discovering Jin Guan Yin Tea

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Jin Guan Yin Tea, also known as Golden Guanyin, is a rather new varietal of oolong tea which was developed in Anxi County, Quanzhou, Fujian, China, a region renowned for its fertile soil and ideal climate for tea cultivation.

The Origins of Jin Guan Yin Tea

This oolong variety was developed in the early 2000s.

It’s a rather unique tea which is made by grafting Tie Guan Yin tea plants onto Huang Jin Gui tea plants and then allowing them to grow intertwined for several years, resulting in a hybrid tea plant that combines the best of both worlds – the enchanting floral aroma of Tie Guan Yin and the rich, buttery texture of Huang Jin Gui.

Flavor and Aroma

The combination results in a typical Tie Guan Yin taste with a distinct osmanthus floral note, and often with less bitterness.

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