Divine Eye by Green Tree Incense Stick Review

green tree incense sticks

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Today I am going to be reviewing these Green Tree Divine Eye incense sticks from an incense manufacturer called Green Tree Candle Company. Green Tree makes many different incense sticks in various styles. Green Tree incense is typically well reviewed and quite popular throughout the world.

divine eye incense sticks

Divine Eye Incense Packaging

The box that these incense sticks come in are actually quite pretty. The theme seems to consist of a beige and brown color, with a signature Eye of Providence symbol, accompanied by the usual Green Tree logo.

These are sold in both 15 gram packs, as well as boxes which contain 12 packs of 15 grams. The company is based in the Netherlands, but it seems that the incense sticks are made in India.

These are advertised as premium masala incense sticks and don’t seem to give much of a hint as to what scent it is comprised of.

The product description is:

Green Tree incense sticks are a smooth burning, 100% natural, hand-rolled incense stick made from exotic blends of herbs, gums, resins, woods and oils.

opened divine eye incense sticks
Green Tree Divine Eye Incense Sticks

Upon opening up the package, it does indeed seem to be a masala styled incense stick, which appear to be quite uniform in appearance. It seems they did a good job crafting these.

Divine Eye Fragrance Review

I began to burn these and immediately recognized that these smell similar to another incense stick which I have tried. That similar variety would be Gokula Flora by Darshan. When I mean that these smell similar, I mean that they seem to have a sandalwood base, mixed with what smells like forest flowers and camphor. The camphor note is upfront and is quite clear.

There is definitely some plant oils or extracts placed upon these, but the manufacturer, Green Tree, claims that these incense sticks are all natural. So, there shouldn’t be any synthetic fragrances involved.

I actually really like these. I could picture these being popular among meditation practitioners. The scent is quite entrancing. It has a top-end note and seems to focus just above the nose. Quite lovely, really.


These are pretty good incense sticks at an affordable price. The sandalwood and camphor notes smell quite nice. As a daily burner, I can definitely see why Green Tree incense sticks are so popular. These are relatively inexpensive and the fragrance is rather enjoyable.

I hope you found this information beneficial.

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