Goloka Sandalwood Backflow Incense Cone Review

Goloka Sandalwood Backflow Incense Cones

Backflow incense cones have become very popular in recent years. The beautiful patterns which the smoke creates seem to have charmed the masses. Unfortunately, many of the backflow incense cones currently available on the market lack the same quality as their stick counterparts.

Today I will be reviewing Goloka sandalwood backflow incense cones and will see how they compare to the competition.

These incense cones seem to have quality packaging. They come in a metal tin with a label adorned with classical Indian imagery. It’s quite beautiful and looks like it would adequately protect the incense cones from any harm. The packaging also states that all proceeds from Goloka brand products are used 100% for charitable activities, such as helping to feed underprivileged children and the promotion of organic farming.

Inside of the tin, the incense is packaged in a sealed bag, but the scent seems to leak through, as I can smell it already. After opening the bag and examining the cones, it appears most of these are in great shape, but a few have defects such as a slightly strange shape.

The smell is of a sweet perfumed sandalwood. Perhaps with a light floral component. It’s not very complex scent but it smells very nice and other people I burned it around seemed to enjoy it as well. However, I did find them a bit to sweet, as I generally prefer a drier wood-type aroma.

So how do these compare to other backflow incense cones on the market?

These are actually one of the better backflow incense cones which I have tried. They are a huge step up from most of the cheap colored ones, which were the only ones widely available for years. I would say these are probably on-par with Wildberry backflow incense cones. With the price taken into consideration, I would consider them excellent compared to the current competition.

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