Herb & Earth Cedar Incense Review

Herb & Earth Cedar Incense Sticks

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Today I am reviewing Herb & Earth cedar incense sticks.

Herb & Earth is one of Nippon Kodo’s brands. Despite them being a Japanese company, these incense sticks are made in China. These are pretty decent quality, but are not Japanese-style incense sticks. They do have a stick in the middle, although it is a very thin stick and it does not produce a lot of smoke. The packaging states that these contain natural oils.

The reason I tried these particular incense sticks is because I once had a moth problem in my home. Moths dislike the scent of cedar, so burning cedar incense sticks are supposed to help keep moths or even some other insects at bay. If you’re wondering, I believe they did help. I have read that some libraries and museums burn cedar incense to keep moths at bay.


Anyways, these incense sticks smell very much like cedar. It smells natural, like cedar wood, but with a little less bass, so to speak. I am not sure if there is any raw cedar material in these incense sticks, but the natural cedar oil smells convincing.

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