How Do You Spell the Word Incense?

incense smoke

Are you wondering how to spell incense?

You spell incense in the following way: Incense

Or are you wondering what the exact definition of incense is?

Keep reading to find out!

Incense Definition from


  1. an aromatic gum or other substance producing a sweet odor when burned, used in religious ceremonies, to enhance a mood, etc.

  2. the perfume or smoke arising from such a substance when burned.

  3. any pleasant perfume or fragrance.

Verb (used with object), in·censed, in·cens·ing.

  1. to perfume with incense.
  2. to burn incense for.

Verb (used without object), in·censed, in·cens·ing.

  1. to burn or offer incense.

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