How To Burn Myrrh Resin

myrrh resin being burned on a hot coal

Myrrh resin is most commonly known through the tale of the Three Kings from the Bible. These three men brought frankincense, myrrh, and gold to baby Jesus. Frankincense and myrrh were considered great gifts during this time, as they were not only used for incense purposes, but as a form of medicine as well. Myrrh resin was quite common in other regions of the world as well, including Egypt and India.

Upon hearing these famous tales, it is quite usual for one to want to experience these same traditions as written about in the past.

In this article we are going teach you how to burn myrrh resin safely and properly.


The most common way to burn myrrh resin is to burn it upon charcoal. However, charcoal can get quite hot, so it is important to place the charcoal in a fire-safe burner or chamber such as a censer used in Catholic traditions. The charcoal should also be placed upon a clean, non-colored sand.

  1. Take about 2 inches of sand and place it in your censer or charcoal burner.
  2. You may then light your charcoal. Many people use metal tongs to pick up and light their charcoal so they don’t risk burning their hands or causing a fire.
  3. Take your charcoal disk and place it upon the sand, with enough room around it to allow surrounding air to circulate.
  4. After the charcoal begins to light and burn red, you may place your myrrh resin on-top. It should then burn and release it’s fragrance.

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