How to Burn Rope Incense

incense smoke

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Rope incense is a traditional form of incense most popular in regions such as Nepal and Tibet. It is made by placing aromatic herbs, resins, and other compounds into thick rice paper and then twisting it to form a rope.


  1. Place a pile of ash on top of a fire-proof surface. You may then place the rope incense on top of the ash and light it. The ash will allow airflow around the rope and allow it to burn properly.

    If you are using a Japanese styled incense bowl, filled with ash, then you could simply stick one end into the ash and light it, almost like an incense stick.
  2. You can use a specialized rope incense burner. These allow the rope to hang and burn safely. However, these can be a bit hard to find because rope incense isn’t as popular as other forms such as incense sticks or cones.

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