How to Use a Tea Scoop


Drinking tea is a timeless tradition that has been enjoyed for centuries.

As tea has evolved, so have the tools and accessories that accompany it.

One common tool for brewing tea is a tea scoop and in this article, we will explore how to use one.

What is a Tea Scoop?

A tea scoop is a small spoon-like utensil that is specifically designed to measure loose-leaf tea and transfer it from a container to a teapot or infuser.

They come in various sizes, materials, and designs, ranging from traditional bamboo scoops to modern stainless-steel options, and they can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Tea scoops come in handy when brewing loose-leaf tea as they provide a convenient and accurate way to measure the tea leaves.

Why Use a Tea Scoop?

Using a tea scoop to measure loose-leaf tea has several advantages over other methods.

Tea scoops are a precise way to measure tea. Over-measuring or under-measuring the tea can affect the taste of the tea, and using a tea scoop ensures that you are using the correct amount every time.

They are also a great way to keep your tea brewing experience as sanitary as possible, as having dedicated tools helps ensure that nothing strange comes in contact with with your tea.


Here are basic directions regarding how to use a tea scoop.

Choose the Right Tea Scoop for Your Needs

There are different types of tea scoops available, each with its own unique design and purpose.

While most tea scoops are suited for general use, some tea scoops are made for specific types of tea.

When choosing a tea scoop, consider the type of tea you will be brewing and what you are looking for in a tea scoop. It’s important to choose one which is the correct size for your needs and preferences.

Measure the Right Amount of Tea Leaves

The recommended amount of tea leaves to use varies depending on the type of tea you are brewing.

A general rule of thumb is to use one tea scoop per cup of water, but this can vary depending on the type of tea and personal preference.

When in doubt, refer to the instructions on the tea packaging or consult with a tea specialist.

Fill the Tea Scoop with the Tea Leaves

Hold the tea scoop in one hand and simply use it to scoop the tea up.

The tea can then be transferred to your brewing vessel.

Be sure to fill the scoop completely, but not to the point of overflowing.

Brew the Tea

Once you have added the tea leaves to the teapot or infuser, it is time to brew the tea.

Follow the instructions for brewing your specific type of tea, taking care to use the correct water temperature and steeping time.

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