Kyoto Moon Abundance Incense Review

kyoto moon incense sticks

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Today I am reviewing Shoyeido Kyoto Moon Abundance incense sticks.

Kyoto Moon Abundance incense sticks are part of Shoyeido’s Kyoto Moon series. This particular variation is apparently being discontinued and you can no longer purchase it. I obtained these through purchasing a sampler pack which they apparently still had available.

The description on their website says this:

A rewarding melange of sandalwood and spices.

It incense smells very fragrant upon removing it from the sample pack.


Upon lighting it I notice some benzoin alongside the aforementioned sandalwood and spices. It smells sweet and sticky. There are warm vanilla undertones as well. The fragrance profile seems to exhibit some floral notes on the top but they are not the main feature and as with most Shoyeido incense sticks, the exact fragrance is hard to pinpoint.

The fragrance is overall quite enjoyable but is a little sweet for my personal tastes. This was most likely intended to be marketed towards Americans.

I also found that the incense sticks burned faster then anticipated. These supposedly burn for 30 minutes but I would say mine burned more like 20 minutes.

However, these incense sticks are relatively affordable and I would say they are well-worth the price.

I hope you found this information beneficial.

2 thoughts on “Kyoto Moon Abundance Incense Review

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    Krystal says:

    I loved how this instance had a sweet smell that made it smell like I was baking. They stopped making this one and I was wondering if you could recommend some more Japanese incense that have a sweet smell?

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