Kyukyodo Chitose (Thousand Years) Incense Review

Kyukyodo Chitose Incense Sticks

Chitose is one of Kyukyodo’s popular incense blends.

It supposedly consists of Old Mountain sandalwood, benzoin, camphor, and other spices.


I have to be honest. The first time I burned this incense, I didn’t like it. After subsequent sessions, I seem to have opened up to it. It has a light forest sort of quality from the camphor and benzoin which if I pay attention to, it seems to cause me to drift away. I certainly sense more camphor then benzoin, but both are fairly noticeable.

There is also something floral there. It’s barely noticeable, yet it seems to bring a lot to the table. The upper atmosphere of the fragrance profile is sweet and mysterious. Yet at times, it seems dry and opaque. The sandalwood base note never lets you forget it’s presence, because it is the central theme to the fragrance profile. However, this incense is much more complex then that.

A lovely incense stick. One that I’m glad I gave a few chances, because it seems to have grown on me. Maybe it will grow on you too.

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