Kyukyodo Maigoromo (Dancing Gown) Incense Review

Maigoromo (Dancing Gown) - Sandalwood Blend

Brand: Kyukyodo

Model: Maigoromo (Dancing Gown)

This is another incense stick from Kyukyodo’s famous sampler pack.


I lit this incense stick about 10 minutes ago. I’ve burned these before but they were more of a background sort of thing, rather then a real incense session.

To me, this incense smells of a sweet and buttery sandalwood.

It smells robust, and of high-quality.

Actually, sadly, I don’t have much else to say about it.

It’s a lovely incense, but to me, it smells purely of sandalwood.

I don’t smell much of anything else.

As I mentioned though, it is quite lovely.

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