Kyukyodo Seiai (Quiet Haze) Incense Review

Kyukyodo Seiai Incense Sticks

Kyukyodo Seiai is a low-smoke sandalwood incense stick. It’s name translates to ‘Quiet Haze’. I received these incense sticks in one of their sampler packs.

I guess this smells alright. It’s definitely not thrilling. It has a somewhat decent sandalwood fragrance, but it smells rather light to me. There is a bit of a smoky smell to it, and has that slight hint of charcoal.


Personally, I thought the fragrance was to light. It didn’t seem incredibly complex, and didn’t seem to permeate well. I imagine this isn’t quite what they meant by ‘Quiet Haze’.

It’s often typical for low-smoke incense blends to have less of a fragrant aroma then their full-smoke counterparts, and this doesn’t appear to be an exception. I sometimes find Japanese incense a little light as it is, so the low-smoke varieties rarely seem to do it for me.

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