Kyukyodo Shinnyo (Truth) Incense Review

Kyukyodo Shinnyo Incense Sticks

I received Kyukyodo Shinnyo incense sticks as part of a Kyukyodo incense assortment.

Brand: Kyukyodo

Model: Shinnyo (Truth)


The packaging I received says that this is a sandalwood blend, but I have read online that this incense is actually an agarwood and sandalwood blend.

To me, the wood note seems to be comprised mostly of sandalwood.

The smell is mildly woodsy and at times a little sweet.

The sandalwood is definitely more detectable to me then then any possible agarwood.

There is some grassy, almost herbal tang involved in the mix, which I presume to be the reiryokoh, which, as it turns out, is actually Asian gold coin grass. Other then that, I sense some spice. Probably clove. Perhaps a tad bit of camphor.

The scent is woodsy, spicy, earthy, and grassy, with a mild, semi-sweet sandalwood sweetness swirling around the fragrance profile.

If I had to attribute this scent to a color, I would probably say yellow or orange.

It’s a somewhat mild scent.

A very nice blend. I could see a lot of people liking this.

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