Lisn Incense is No Longer Sold in the USA

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Lisn is a sister company of the famous Shoyeido incense company.

I have fond memories of burning Lisn incense.

Lisn incense is very, very popular in Japan and used to be sold in North America as well.

Unfortunately you can’t find it in North America anymore. They used to export it to USA but apparently it never caught on quite like Shoyeido’s main brand and sales proved to be to low for them to continue operations. I believe they quit exporting Lisn brand incense to North America around 2009.

So, if you’re looking for Lisn brand incense, you’ll probably have to import it from Japan yourself, or find a friendly person there to mail you some. If you’re ever visiting Japan, then I would definitely recommend picking some of this brand up, because you can’t usually find it anywhere else anymore.

One thought on “Lisn Incense is No Longer Sold in the USA

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    Nina says:

    Hi there,
    Actually, I used to work at Shoyeido in Boulder, in Colorado. It’s unfortunate that Shoyeido discontinued it, as it had a nice following. Thank you.

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