Mandala Arts & Incense Nag Champa Incense Review

Mandala arts and incense nag champa incense sticks

Mandala Arts & Incense Company are based in Nepal and they produce Tibetan-styled incense sticks.

These particular incense sticks come in a very unique looking paper roll package.

This line of incense comes in quite a few different scents.


They are a typical Tibetan styled incense. Pressed plant material, with no stick. Many people prefer incense without a stick, as it’s usually more natural and often comprised of powdered plant material.

It has a little bit of harshness as is typical with many Tibetan incense sticks, but it opens up into a classic nag champa presence.

I believe there to be some plant oils or extracts placed onto the stick, but it’s of decent quality for a cheap Tibetan incense.

If you don’t enjoy the smokey smell of Tibetan herb-based incense, then you may not like these. But if you do, then you will surely enjoy these. The nag champa variety is one of the better fragrances in this line of incense sticks.

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