Minorien Fu-in Aloeswood Incense Review

Minorien Fu-in Aloeswood Incense Sticks

I recently received these Minorien Fu-in aloeswood incense sticks along with a few other sampler packs of other high-end Japanese incense sticks which I plan on doing reviews on as well.

This particular sample I did not purchase and was included to me free of charge along with my order from a Japanese incense vendor, so I received it in a plastic tube with simple labeling. Since I did not purchase a full-size package, I did not receive the retail packaging for this item.


So, I lit this incense stick about 5 minutes ago while I was preparing the foundation of this review and have been calmly listening to it’s fragrance.

This incense smells quite nice. The scent of aloeswood is noticeable right away and smells sort of ‘wet’ in a way, which fits in line with the product’s description. It’s actually pretty surprising they were able to provide that sort of scent within the price range which they did.

The fragrance profile, of course, lacks that kyara or high-end aloeswood depth, but is probably a step above most other aloeswood incense sticks which I have tried in this price range.

In other terms, it doesn’t provide that sort of nose-curling reaction, but it is interesting enough in it’s own way.

Supposedly these incense sticks are made from an Indonesian and Thai aloeswood blend. In my opinion they did a decent job blending this. I can’t really detect anything besides the aloeswood, and possibly synthetic musk, although I’m sure, of course, that there is binder in there as well.

Considering the price, I believe this is to be a very worthy incense stick and well-worth your money if you’re looking for a reasonably priced aloeswood incense stick. It has a nice pure scent, however, I wouldn’t consider it to be quite as thrilling as some higher-end varieties.

If you’re tried these Minorien Fu-in aloeswood incense sticks then please comment below and let me know what you thought about it!

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