Minorien Fu-in Sandalwood Incense Stick Review

Minorien Fu-in Sandalwood Incense Sticks

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Today I am reviewing Minorien Fu-in sandalwood incense sticks.

These are the sandalwood counterpart of Minorien’s Fu-in Aloeswood incense sticks. These supposedly have the same ‘wet’ element which has proven to be so popular in Minorien’s Fu-in line of incense sticks.

Having burned their aloeswood variety before, I believe I have a bit of an understanding as to how these are going to smell. That ‘wet’ smell which is so well-known in this incense line is unlike anything else I’ve smelled before. I’m not sure if it’s proprietary, or what exactly it is, but it does provide a nice fragrance.

So, I’ve been smelling these incense sticks for several minutes now. I don’t believe this incense stick requires to much contemplation time because it simply isn’t that complex.

The smell is of mid-grade sandalwood, with the typical Minorien ‘wet’ smell which I was anticipating. For the price, these are a very nice incense stick, but they simply didn’t ‘wow’ me because there are a lot of similar products available on the market.

Personally, I feel that the ‘wet’ smell is a better companion to their aloeswood version. It provides a certain depth there which, in my opinion, doesn’t seem necessary for sandalwood incense, because it doesn’t change the fragrance as much as in the aloeswood variety.

These do smell creamy and sweet, with a sort of rain-type element.

To be honest, these smell very nice and I believe just about anybody who likes the creamy fragrance of sandalwood would enjoy burning these.

If you’re tried these Minorien Fu-in sandalwood incense sticks then please comment below and let me know what you thought about it!

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