Mother’s India Moksha Nag Champa Incense Review

Mothers India Moskha nag champa incense sticks

Today I am reviewing Mothers India Moksha nag champa incense sticks.

I’ve always heard good things about Mother’s India incense sticks.

They have always been known to be all-natural and of an uncompromising quality standard.


These incense sticks are quite fragrant. You can smell them through the packaging before even opening them.

This is quite lovely. It’s a nag champa-based incense formulation with the additions of saffron, tuberose, and lily of the valley.

The first thing I smell is sandalwood, halmaddi, and saffron. There is a bit of a ‘wetness’ to it. This eventually settles off into a rich floral breeze, as the floral aspect seems to grow stronger the longer the incense sticks burn.

Although the traditional nag champa floral note seems to be overshadowed by the other floral qualities of the fragrance, the tuberose and lily of the valley notes do not disappoint.

These seem to produce a typical amount of smoke for an Indian incense stick.

Mothers India didn’t let me down. This is a quality incense stick, and definitely one I would purchase again. I’m even tempted to try some of their other recipes now.

Definitely a quality product.

Have you tried Mothers India Moksha nag champa incense sticks?

Let us know what you thought about them in the comment section below!

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