Mystic Temple “Temple of the Winds” Incense Review

Today’s review: Mystic Temple “Temple of the Winds” incense sticks.

Mystic Temple is a North American company who imports their own brand of incense sticks from India and then package them in the USA. They have been around for quite a while so it’s about time I review one of their incense sticks.


It’s been a while since I reviewed an Indian-styled incense stick which smells extremely unique, and Mystic Temple “Temple of the Winds” incense sticks definitely fits that bill.

Physically, the incense sticks are a bit uneven and look as if the rolling process was at least somewhat manual. You can literally see some coarse pieces of plant matter within the incense stick. Other then that, the incense sticks appear quite uniform and the masala paste is of a dark brown color.

It’s sweet, floral, musky, just a little woody, and it seemingly has some light camphorous qualities.

There is a very fine oil quality to it and considering the price, I would say that these smell much more luxurious then they actually are. I wasn’t expecting these to smell as good as they do.

The scent seems quite complex and I cannot pick out many specific notes on this one, but it’s unlike anything I have smelled before.

The fragrance is truly beautiful and this is something I would love to sit down and burn with friends.

These won’t get wasted.

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